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Darkstones are created from four unique darkstone shards, which can be found along the eastern beaches of Devil's Island. The four shards are then combined by a NPC - Necro's Apprentice - on Ash Island, past the campfire path.

Darkstones are charged items - they have wear levels and so they cannot be used indefinitely. After you "break" the darkstone (by using it on it's "going to fall apart any day now" and getting unlucky), you receive one random shard back.

Darkstones have several uses:

  • By placing the darkstone on the pentagram in the Dark Temple (by /drop-ping it), a portal is opened to the high level Darshak Sanctuary. This use of the darkstone uses up none of its energy.
  • One can use the darkstone to reanimate fallen bodies, similar to the effect during the Feast of Tsirrin. There are several limitations, however. Firstly, the body you are raising must be in the Dark Temple, ideally the Pentagram room. I've had no luck using the darkstone off island or even outside of the Dark Temple, though this could use some more investigation. Secondly, you can only raise certain bodies depending on your profession. Fighters may only raise fighters, while healers may only raise healers. Mystics can raise individuals of any class. Additionally, each use of the reanimation power has a high chance of wearing down the darkstone, leading to its inevitable destruction if used often. A side effect of reanimating someone with the darkstone is the summoning of a Curate, a fairly difficult undine creature. People should be prepared to face one if they reanimate someone.
  • After using a darkstone several times (to raise fallens, which releases evil energy), you can enter through the back doors to the Thaumaturge's Lair area, which are found in the Dark Chamber. The current estimate is that you need to wear down the Darkstone a minimum of 3 times to get in through the DC doors.
  • After extensive use of a darkstone (10 wearings is the current estimate), you are also able to enter the Altar Room of the Thaumaturge's Lair. This is where the Thaumaturge himself resides, and so only people sufficiently 'attuned' to the darkstone can enter.
  • The Thaumaturge was a one time boss. It took months to finally kill him, but when we did he never respawned. EldonGM confirmed this is the case on the sentinel.