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Phantasms are illusions an exile can cast with enough training.

Exiles require a minimum of 10 ranks in training from Asteshesha who is located within the tower of Umbrion's keep, and a Phantasmonomicon (available after a short quest from the same room).

When cast, the phantasm will slowly drift away from the exile in the direction they're facing.

Several books in the tower room describe phantasms in character.

  • Phantasmology is an ancient art.
  • Phantasms are entertaining trickery. Nothing more.
  • Pages must be collected before you can use a phantasmonomicon.
  • Phantasms are temporary illusions in the minds of sentient beings.
  • You cannot cast phantasms without a phantasmonomicon.
  • The abilities of a practitioner of phantasmology increase with special training.
  • If a hidden phantasm caster's spirit is linked to a skilled practitioner, the phantasm will be visible.
  • Non-sentient beings will never see a phantasm.


There are 36 known phantasms. Individual phantasms are contained within pages that must be inserted into a phantasmonomicon to cast.

Pages can be bought from a number of vendors scattered around the lands. Each vendor sells a specific set of pages for 100c each however the page you receive is random and some may be more common than others.

Senfantia in Colmert's keep will hand out pages in exchange for a donation of coins so that she can continue to develop new phantams (N.B As no new phantasms have appeared in several years despite donations from exiles it is likely that Phantasms are not considerd an active project by the GMs). Initial tests indicate that a page is handed out approximately every 300 coins [Figure needs verification] however only 1 page is handed out at a time regardless of donation size (so donating 600c won't get 2 pages). Senfantia can hand out any of the 36 known pages however some still appear to be more rare than others making getting specific pages in this manner akin to playing the slot machine.

Spare pages can be kept in a Phantasm Folder (available from an NPC in Umbrion's Keep Tower for 300c)


Asteshesha: Uncapped Trainer: Increases the duration and maximum distance from the exile that the Phantasm can move to, located in Umbrion's Keep Tower.

Sean Hidus Capped Trainer: Allows you to hide and unhide your phantasms, located in Colmert's Keep.

Stace Lucian Capped Trainer: Allows you to lock/unlock your phantasm at its current position, located in Colmert's Keep.

Chen Dimage Capped Trainer: Allows you to change a phantasm you've already cast to a new one, located in Colmert's Keep.

Note: Changing a phantasm part way through does not change extend the duration. Phantasm duration only decreases while shown, hiding a phantasm pauses the countdown. Once the phantasm has reached its set duration you must wait a short while before you can cast a new phantasm, this length of time appears to increase with the duration of the phantasm.

List of Known Vendors

Norm Tratir: South Forest, safe tree north of Mirror snell.

Luq Beerman: Thieve's Island forge.

Harn Frenken: Snagglewood, Tonle snell.

Anwen Botsney: Cloud, 2 south of entrance, cave in SW corner.

Huan Husbard: North Northwest Beach.

Pluq Strindam North Beach

List of Phantasms

Page No. Image Name Group Known Vendors
1 Image Small Blue Flames Elements (1/6) Senfantia, Norm Tratir
2 Image Blue Flames Elements (2/6) Senfantia, Norm Tratir
3 Image Small Red Flames Elements (3/6) Senfantia, Norm Tratir
4 Image Red Flames Elements (4/6) Senfantia
5 Image Smoke Shadow (1/5) Senfantia
6 Image Shadow Shadow (2/5) Senfantia
7 Image Fog Shadow (3/5) Senfantia
8 Image Sparkle Shaodw (4/5) Senfantia
9 Image Vermine Holes Fauna (1/3) Senfantia
10 Image Tornado Elements (5/6) Senfantia
11 Image Lightning Elements (6/6) Senfantia, Norm Tratir
12 Image Gold Coins Treasure (1/3) Senfantia, Huan Husbard
13 Image Water Puddle Earth (1/4) Senfantia, Huan Husbard
14 Image Lava Pool Earth (2/4) Senfantia
15 Image Flying Pebble Earth (3/4) Senfantia
16 Image Flying Rock Earth (4/4) Senfantia
17 Image Flower Patch Flora (1/5) Senfantia, Anwen Botsney
18 Image Skull Fauna (2/3) Senfantia, Huan Husbard
19 Image Lantern Constructs (1/4) Senfantia
20 Image Stairway Constructs (2/4) Senfantia
21 Image Treasure Chest Treasure (2/3) Senfantia
22 Image Stone Wall Constructs (3/4) Senfantia, Harn Frenken
23 Image Rain Cloud Shadow (5/5) Senfantia
24 Image Dung Pile Fauna (3/3) Senfantia
25 Image Waving Reeds Flora (2/5) Senfantia
26 Image Ku Flower Flora (3/5) Senfantia, Anwen Botsney
27 Image Deadly Poppy Flora (4/5) Senfantia
28 Image Wooden Chair Constructs (4/4) Senfantia, Luq Beerman, Harn Frenken
29 Image Blue Flag Holiday (1/6) Senfantia
30 Image Red Flag Holiday (2/6) Senfantia
31 Image Yellow Flag Holiday (3/6) Senfantia
32 Image Pumpkin Flora (5/5) Senfantia
33 Image Bawkmas Lights Holiday (4/6) Senfantia
34 Image Wreath Holiday (5/6) Senfantia
35 Image Amber Beer Holiday (6/6) Senfantia
36 Image Copper Coins Treasure (3/3) Senfantia