Alchemy Bowl

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Alchemy Bowl is needed to enter the alchemy hut and mix potions. To get an alchemy bowl is several steps. Starting with the pottery shop in north town, behind the fighter hall. Talk to Worlin Klee to start the quest. She asks for fine clay. This can be found on the beach north west of the lake region. The NPC there will talk to you about the clay in the river bed and deliver some of it back to Worlin. Return to Worlin, who will then ask for some glass. Find the NPC on the beach south west of the Savannah. They will also deliver some of the sand back to Worlin for you. The next thing to get is charcoal. You need to talk to Coleman in the Far East Forest, west of North Pass. To get to him, give the wood cutter NPC a log of wood.

There's more of the quest to add. :D