Alchemy Bowl

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Crafting an Alchemy Bowl

Speak to Cymela at the Alchemy Hut, she will tell you that you need an alchemy bowl.

Speak to Worlin Klee in the Potters in North town (Small hut behind Fighter's Guild)She needs clay to make a bowl

Take a boat and land on the beach on the north side of Puddleby Island, cross the river to the west via the stone outcrop and nead to the Northwest corner of the snell.

Go through the pf path to the next snell.

Cross to the next snell in the northwest corner

Speak to Cassia Lei by the river, she will send some clay to the potter.

Return to Worlin Klee, she will tell you that she needs some Charcoal for her fire.

Get a log of wood, go to the east forest two snells west of the North Pass (non-pf exit, Snell F2 on Tonoto's map), speak to Potch Axer and agree to give him the log of wood, he will let you into the circle of trees.

Speak to Coleman who will agree to send some charcoal to the potter.

Return to Worlin Klee, she will ask you to prove your worth by gaining the approval of a wise scholar of the island's resources.

Go to the Myrm Highlands through the northwest exit from North field and past the Brown Pants seller.

Head North and speak to Lern Dermond next to the tent, he will usher you inside to speak to Jayne Dougal who will show you various items that can be found in the area and ask for their names.

Items known to be asked about Hops Scavenger Bird Egg Yeast Mistletoe Tangleberries Herpetid Egg Wheat Barley Spores

Get 5 correct in a row (spelling is important but full names are not required i.e. Tangleberries instead of Bunch of Tangleberries).

Return to Worlin Klee and receive your alchemy bowl.

Upgrading your alchemy bowl to an alchemy kit.

Inside the Alchemy Hut speak to Lia Gish, she will ask you to get a precision flask.

Go back to the pottery shop (again) and speak to Ruddy Quickhand who will offer to make you a precision flask if you can get the special sand he needs.

The sand comes from a beach on the south coast, 1 snell south and 3 snells west of the SouthWest most Savanah snell, speak to Fismac Lohn to get some sent to the glassblower.

Speak to Ruddy again and he will send your flask to Lia.

Lia wll then tell you that you need to learn how to safely set a fire outside the lab and "Maybe an alchemist experienced at working in the field could show you what you need to know."

Head to the entrance to Mid-pass then walk to snell north, about 3/4 of the way up the wall is a patch of dirt where you can slip into a hidden niche with a hut, inside the hut is Leth Nimbletoes.

Speak to him and he'll send you to see his sister Josi Nimbletoes who lives 1 snell west of Mid-pass in a tiny hidden valley in the eastern rock wall. She will administer another natural history quiz

Known items include Bunch of Grapes Lyfelidae Claw Lyfelidae Whisker Pinch of Catsbane Venom Gland Ku Flower

After sucessfully completing her quiz return to Leth Nimbletoes who will teach you to safely start fires.

Return to Lia Gish with your alchemy bowl and receive your completed Alchemy Kit.