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A Phantasmonomicon is a book that holds Phantasm pages.

It is available from Umbrion's Keep Tower after donating a pinch of catsbane, completing 3 short tests, and paying 1000c.

Phantasmonomicon Quest

Speak to Cerider in Umbrion's tower keep while holding a pinch of catsbane.

Once you've donated the catsbane to Cerider, speak to them again to begin.

Test 1 Identify the phantasm out of the fires by bumping in to it.

Test 2 Identify the 3 phantasms out of the 6 fires by bumping in to it.

Test 3 Navigate a maze filled with a mixture of phantasm and real fires.

Once all 3 tests have been completed speak to Cerider to buy a Phantasmonomicon for 1000c

In all 3 tests the "real" fires will block your movement.

Test 2 appears to be the hardest as the phantasms are not in the same place every time so it's blind luck as to whether you pick the correct 3 fires without getting any wrong.