Fat Alice Books

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Page 1: ow ev nm ww pc ek pn cm eh nf wo tr xb ch ny ya az ow ro nm oy 

Page 2: ar ko cg vy ge my ac nm ke mp yn ao nw we us tr tz ao fg ar vy 

Page 3: ue mg sr cs ym za wr ab ek fw er nk pl mq tz iq qe mp he we zs 

Page 4: zp la eh rt kq ar ob sr my sr ge my yn wc wl co az ow ro zp ar 

Page 5: an sr fx sr ie zo ok ac nm os on we ao nw we gy ef ky nm ky na 

Page 6: ry ag ir mf vy ue bm qm cs tz ow ro rp el nk ye wy oy hp at et 

Page 7: me lw iq qy ys hp ow ev mu pr or pn oq nm nm ky pa yr sr ic vg 

Page 8: bw vg al ow ro nm ae qm al go wb my sr uc ea ab vg so ea vy xx 

Page 9: g r o w l 


"Rowl the violent first born and bitter" 

"Groar the peaceful last of the litter" 

"Groar fled away by using his wits" 

"Rowl hungers and searches the last to devour" 

"Groar unearthed the source of their power" 

"Rowl takes the strength of all of his kin" 

"Groar only sleeping may save his skin" 

"Rowl ignorant with the stone" 

"he could rule groar" 

"the wise guards the powerful jewel." 

Provided by Vata.

Thought Process

The complete method to solve the FA Book Cipher is currently lost. It is surmised that it is a modified Playfair cipher with a key of growl. Recovery efforts hint at a key of LGZUVEAROWKFBCDSMHIQYTNPX for normal Playfair. Such an odd key may indicate a modification of the Playfair rules.


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