Umbrion's Keep

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Fire Maze


nnww wsse nwss wwnw nnw

Thought Process

Umbrion Carpet.gif

The carpet outside the maze is a map. Each color corresponds to a direction.

RRGG GBBY GRBB RRGR GGR nnww wsse nwss wwnw nnw

We see the following correlation:

Red = North
Green = West
Blue = South
Yellow = East

With the colors Red and Green changing meaning after the Yellow/East to:

Red = West
Green = North
Blue = South
Yellow = East

Credit to Yor, Kalian and Kensington, plus all those who mapped the UK fire maze in the first place.

Zodiac Maze

Umbrion's Zodiac Maze


Current Zodiac Route
Rat Warrior, Healer, Pig, Mystic, Ancient, Fox, Rooster, Rat, Maha, Maha
Cat Healer, Rat, Shredders, Pig, Ancient, Foxweir, Centaur, Warrior, Ruknee, Ruknee
Healer Fox, Ancient, Centaur, Centaur
Foxweir Pig, Rat, Centaur, Centaur
Rooster Pig, Rooster, Mystic, Warrior, Rat, Shredders, Shredders
Warrior Rooster, Centaur, Mystic, Rat, Healer, Foxweir, Ruknee, Ancient, Shredders, Pig, Pig
Pig Warrior, Pig, Mystic, Ancient, Shredders, Healer, Rooster, Centaur, Centaur
Centaur Mystic, Healer, Rooster, Shredders, Ruknee, Warrior, Warrior
Mystic Shredders, Pig, Healer, Rat, Centaur, Foxweir, Foxweir
Ruknee (broken)
Shredders Cat
Ancient Mystic, Shredders, Foxweir, Centaur, Ruknee, Rat, Healer, Pig, Ancient, Rooster, Warrior, Warrior

Note: The path for Detros the Maha has been broken since its inception.

Thought Process